Что такое игровой движок и какой самый продвинутый. Объясняем простыми словами

A game engine is a complex of applications that developers of computer or mobile games use to create graphics and sound, provide character movement, generate physical effects and graphic scenes. In simpler terms, a game engine is a tool for creating games. It allows developers to bring their fantasies to life, focusing on the idea rather than technical details. Developers use engines because it takes less time than creating a game from scratch. Similarly, if we want to write a text, we use Google Docs with built-in tools, fonts, and formatting instead of programming our own text editor. <br><br>The main features of game engines include collision detection, sound, and graphic rendering. Collision detection is necessary in computer games to maintain the illusion of a solid world. Sound enhances the realism of the game environment, while graphic rendering involves creating images or animations based on computer models. Game engines also allow developers to customize physics laws, create animations, and implement navigation, among other things. <br><br>There are different types of game engines, such as 3D engines for creating three-dimensional graphics, 2D engines for traditional console games, mobile engines for games played on mobile devices, and cross-platform engines for games that can be played on different platforms. <br><br>Game engines can be categorized based on the software used for their development, such as specialized software or frameworks. They can also be classified based on the type of license, including paid, free, and open-source engines. <br><br>Some popular and advanced game engines in the industry include Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, RPG Maker, and Godot Engine. <br><br>In 2022, concerns arose that Russian game developers’ access to foreign engines like Unity and Unreal Engine could be restricted due to sanctions. As a result, VK, a Russian social media platform, launched the development of the first Russian game engine called Nau Engine. VK has requested a subsidy of 3 billion rubles from the Ministry of Digital Development for its development. <br><br>Overall, game engines play a crucial role in simplifying game development and providing various features and capabilities for developers to bring their creative ideas to life.