Кадыров обвинил Запад в лишении палестинцев спокойной жизни

Глава Чечни, Кадыров, заявил о том, что Запад не дает палестинцам возможности жить в мире и спокойствии.

В своем Telegram-канале глава Чечни Рамзан Кадыров обвинил Запад в том, что он мешает палестинцам жить спокойно и делает противоречивые заявления.

The politician noted that Western countries consider the special military operation conducted by Russia as an occupation, but they justify and perceive it as a necessary measure for the «seizure and appropriation of Palestinian lands by Jews».

«Double standards at their finest. This reality speaks volumes and once again reveals the true face of the West,» emphasized Kadyrov.

The Head of Chechnya also stated that if the leaders of other countries had the same attitude towards Muslims as Russian President Vladimir Putin, then «we would not witness the Palestinian tragedy, where the international community is afraid to speak out against Israel’s unjust actions that have been going on for over half a century.»