Путин заявил о готовности обсудить СВО с лидерами СНГ с глазу на глаз

Путин объявил лидерам СНГ о своей готовности обсудить ход СВО лично, встретившись с ними.

RIANews reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin stated to the leaders of the CIS countries that he is ready to discuss the progress of the special military operation (SMO) face-to-face.

He explained that the Ukrainian crisis began in 2014 and also reminded that a state coup was organized and military operations were unleashed in the southeast of Ukraine at that time. In addition, the president described the Minsk agreements not as the start of the war, but as an attempt to end it.

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«Added Putin, ‘When we speak face to face, I am ready to share with you the current situation on this matter.'»

Earlier, the head of the state stated that the goal of the Armed Forces is to end the war initiated by Kiev. Putin emphasized that the armed conflict in Ukraine has been going on for ten years. «A war, a real war against Donbass, was unleashed,» the Russian leader pointed out to the listeners.

According to the President of Russia, a special operation began in Donbass on February 24, 2022, in response to the requests for military assistance from the leaders of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.