«Аэрофлот» сократит число рейсов из Томска в Москву в осенне-зимнем расписании

Согласно расписанию томского аэропорта имени Камова, авиакомпания «Аэрофлот» будет осуществлять девять рейсов из Томска в Москву с ноября по март включительно, вместо предыдущих четырнадцати рейсов.

Instead of two morning flights, the company will now operate one daily. Additionally, evening flights on Fridays and Saturdays, which have not been available since 2021, will be reintroduced into the schedule.

Starting from November, in addition to «Aeroflot», the company S7 will also operate a daily morning flight to Moscow. From December 24th to January 9th, Smartavia will offer eight flights (departing on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays).

Smartavia previously suspended flights from Tomsk to Moscow, with the exception of only two weeks before and after New Year. The company launched flights from Tomsk to the capital city at the end of April.